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Depression is very common and can become serious if not treated. It is an illness referred to as a mood disorder. It is marked by a persistent sad, empty mood that can be debilitating and interfere with many areas of your life, sometimes making it difficult to function.

Some symptoms of depression are: Loss of interest in pleasurable activities, decreased energy or fatigue, sleeping too much or too little, feelings of guilt, hopelessness, or worthlessness, increased irritability, excessive crying, marked increase or decrease in eating, difficulty concentrating, and thoughts of death or suicide.

Depression can be result from many different factors. Some environmental factors are:
  • difficulties at work
  • prolonged stress
  • loss of a loved one
  • medical illnesses
  • negative life experiences
  • chronic low self-esteem
There are also biological (chemical imbalance) and genetic factors (family history).

If you think you or someone you know is suffering from depression, it is recommended that you have an evaluation completed by a psychiatrist, medical doctor, or qualified professional.

Psychotherapy and/or medication is commonly used in the treatment of depression.

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You want to be there for them when they need advice, but they have stopped asking and they've pushed you away.

Meeting with a therapist as a family can help open the lines of communication and increase understanding.
7000 Piper Glen Drive - Suite C - Springfield, Illinois 62707 - (217) 483-7104